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Is Prettyurvous Legit {January 2023} Check The Details Here!

The article outlines all the important points about the web-based store and offers gives the answers Are they legitimate? for the customers.

Are you in search of an online store with clothes of your preference? Do you wish to purchase clothes of your choice in less cost? This is the place to introduce a shop that offers distinctive dresses for women, that are influenced by retro styles and is now the preferred choice of ladies from both the United States and the United Kingdom. People from all backgrounds want to dress in dresses, which is why the website is getting attention. We’ll answer Are Prettyurvous legit Is Prettyurvous Legit? in the following article.

Is Prettyurvous a regulated E-commerce site?

Prettyurvous is an internet-based clothing company that offers diverse styles of dresses available for women. There are no limits to the choices with various designs and prints available. The question is only about the authenticity of the site, and there are a few indicators available to tell us the credibility of the brand’s online presence and its shop.

  • Domain duration: The duration of the domain’s registration is 4 months. It was launched on 04/03/2022.
  • Trust results- The amount of trust the company has is one percent only.
  • Reviews- There are many Positive reviews on Prettyurvous are Positive and are acknowledged in the site’s testimonial.
  • Alexa result: The Alexa result result is 1480190.
  • Plagiarism in the store is designed to appear authentic and we can’t locate anything that appears to be plagiarized.
  • Real Address: The business address appears to be fake and does not display anything that is related to the store.
  • Social sites- There are no social networks are accessible which is why there are no hyperlinks that have been discovered by users to the online store.
  • Discounts that appear to be real are offered, but they are the form of a massive purchase.
  • Owner’s information- The website is not able to provide the owner’s contact information as well as we, too could not find any information that was related to the owner.

Information about Does Prettyurvous have legal status?

Prettyurvous is a shop specifically designed for women and to meet their requirements, the store offers an enormous selection of dresses for women, including Co-ord dresses, Dresses Tops, Jumpsuits two-piece sets, trousers Shorts, and set of shorts. The dresses are certainly gorgeous, and the assortment is exclusive and elegant. The site’s interface is certain to draw purchasers attracted by the site’s design.

The features of the site

  • Domain time- The domain’s date is 04/03/2022, which is 4 months ago.
  • URL-
  • Social media sites- The sites do not have social media sites and therefore they are unable to respond to Are Prettyurvous legitimate for the public.
  • Categories- Various women’s clothes are offered.
  • Email-
  • Room 302 No. 2, Yongkou Lingnan Road, Dashi Street, Panyu District, Guangzhou City
  • Return policy: If you are not satisfied the product is authorized for return within fifteen days.
  • Refunds will be given within one week.
  • Payments accepted- Different types of payment, such as VISA, PayPal, and AMEX are permitted.
  • Delivery and shipping- Delivery is made within 10 days.

Benefits of the site

  • The shop offers a vast selection of fashionable and colorful dresses for women.
  • The costs of these dresses are affordable and low-cost.

Advantages based on reviews from Prettyurvous

  • We haven’t seen any customer reviews for the store and the trust rating is low which is a major disadvantage.
  • The address is not legitimate and we are not able to be sure of the authenticity of the seller regarding the items they sell on the internet.
  • The website does not have Facebook and Instagram pages, which means we are able to look at rating of the clothing.

Review by Customer

Women across the States are delighted to learn about the site, and the selections are so attractive that they could draw anyone’s attention to them. Unfortunately we’ve not come across any authentic reviews online; thus it’s hard to make a decision, and to the answer Are Prettyurvous legitimate? is it legitimate? in this article. If we get something positive to say we will update this article and let readers know about the website. We’ve gathered all the details about the website and attempted to present it in a concise manner in this article.

If you’re looking to find out what two-piece gowns are are able to go through this page to learn the particulars of the various. We also suggest that they go through the steps to receive an All-Refund from PayPal to avoid a the event of fraud.

The Final Ended

Prettyurvous, without doubt, appears very appealing, but it is also evident that the site seems made to get the attention of others. It is possible to answer is Prettyurvous legitimate is that it is there is no evidence of authenticity regarding the products offered. The site has a low trust rating which is why we think it’s suspicious. What are your thoughts on the site? Share your thoughts below If you’ve purchased from the store and were a victim of Credit Card fraud. Learn more here.

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